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Why not get some money back on something you need to spend on anyway.

We want to reward loyalty so if you use us more than 5 times in a year we will give you 2% cash back on everything.

All you need to do to qualify is notify us once you have selected one of our Translators and then notify us when payment has been made we will then take your account details and send you your cash back.

We believe in rewarding those who help us to build our business.

We also give cash back for Introducing Translators or other customers to us. If you refer a customer or Translator to us we will give you 1% on everything they spend with us. Please fill out the forms below if you would like to introduce some people.

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If you require personal Interpretation rather than business Interpretation, we treat this the same...


We understand that your literature represents your company , so quality is paramount. Translation Compare offers the assurance...


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Translation Compare is a leading provider of language support solutions across all industries. With 1000's of translators covering a huge range of industries and specialisms...

What are customers are saying..

  • I am delighted with the service you have provided and will recommend your company to anyone who may need to find translation services.

    - David

  • I used one of your interpreters today. I found her very helpful and pleasant and all done in a professional manner.

    - Srinivas

  • The translator was a bit slow to begin with but was excellent once we got going. I will know where to come in the future if I need any more translating.

    - Anita

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